Projects &  Publications

The following list describes projects and consulting activities as well as own investigations, partly  in cooperation with the professional astronomy since more than 25 years. Some texts are in German.

1. Different topics:

Objekte fuer Einsteiger.pdf  

Beginner and students support.pdf

Einfuehrung in die Spektroskopie.pdf

Spektroskopie der Sonne.pdf

Helium in der Chromosphaere der Sonne.pdf

BACHES-Echelle-Spektrograf am CFG Wuppertal.pdf  

 2. Different stars

Spektren planetarischer Nebel.pdf

Halpha Observations of HR2142.pdf

Line profile observations of beta Lyrae.pdf

The Periastron Passage of alpha Oph.pdf

Periode und Amplitude der Radialgeschwindigkeit des Cepheiden Polaris.pdf

Die Spektren der hellsten Wolf-Rayet-Sterne im Sternbild Cygnus.pdf  

 3. φ Persei

H-alpha-Kurzzeitvariationen in phi Per.pdf

Line profile observations of phi Per.pdf 

4. π Aqrii

Monitoring Halpha EW and V/R.pdf

Evolution of the disk(Yael Naze).pdf 

Current Minimum of the Halpha EW.pdf

Period analysis of the Halpha line profile variation.pdf

Doppler tomography of the circumstellar disk.pdf  

 5. δ Scorpii

Spectroscopy of the growing circumstellar disk.pdf

Pro-am monitoring from July 2000 to May 2015.pdf

Visual brightness Vmag and Halpha equivalent width EW.pdf

Observation of non-radial pulsation.avi

Movie Periastron

Halpha period analysis.jpg

Ein Doppelstern mit Gasscheibe (SuW).pdf

Visuelle Helligkeit Vmag und Halpha Äquivalentbreite EW.pdf

The 2011 Periastron Passage.pdf

Report of the periastron passage campaign 2011.pdf

Periodic behavior of the HeI6678 emission.pdf

Variability of the HeI6678 emission.pdf

Spektroskopische Beobachtungen der Halpha und der HeI6678-Emission.pdf

HeI 6678 Double Peak Emission Profile Observation 2018-2020 

6. 28 Tauri (Plejone)

Hα-Spektroskopie & Vmag Variationen an 28 Tauri (German)

Periastron monitoring of Pleione November 2019 to February 2020

Precession of the disk_Study of the Halpha line profile.pdf

Halpha profile evolution (M. Leonardi).gif

The Periastron Passages 2012-2015.pdf

Intermediate Results of the Campaign 2014.pdf

Long-term behavior of the Halpha emission.pdf  

 7. zeta Tauri

Long-term monitoring of the radial velocity of HeI6678

VtoR Variability of the Halpha Emission.pdf

Variability of the Halpha emission line profile.pdf 

Recent Observations of zeta Tau.pdf

Periodic Phases of the VtoR Variability.pdf

Monitoring the Radial velocity.pdf

Long-term Radial Velocity of the HeI6678 Line.pdf

Halpha Short-Time Variations.pdf

Halpha Observations of zeta Tau.pdf

Cyclic Variability of the circumstellar Disk.pdf

Mass and precession of the disk.pdf

Monitoring of the Halpha emission profile.pdf

Disk precession variation seen at the sky.AVI

Observations of non-radial pulsations of HeI4713.pdf

Non-radial pulsations (NRP) or co-rotating clouds.pdf

The Halpha VtoR ratio.pdf              

8. P Cygni

Continuation of the international observing campaign.pdf

Report zur BAV-AAVSO-ASPA-PCygni-Langzeitstudie.pdf

Intermediate Report on January 2013 Campaign Photometry and Spectroscopy.pdf

Intermediate Report December 2012.pdf

Monitoring of the HeI 6678 absorption line intensity (08/2017).pdf

Monitoring of the HeI 6678 absorption line intensity (11/2015).pdf

Halpha and HeI6678 Monitoring of P Cyg.pdf

Period analysis of the Halpha equivalent width.pdf

International Observing Campaign Photometry and Spectroscopy.pdf

Campaign Intermediate report 2016

Long-term Monitoring of the Halpha Line Strength

Periodic Variation of the Intrinsic Halpha-Line Flux

 9. VV Cephei

VV Cep (2019-02-22).pdf

Periodic Halpha emission in the eclipsing binary VV Cep.pdf

The long-term binary system VV Cep.pdf

Ein Projekt fuer mehrere Jahre(F. Walter).pdf

VV Cep Observing Campaign Details.pdf

VV Cephei Eclipse Campaign 2017-19.pdf

The Symposium on Telescope Science 2015.pdf

Oservation of the Halpha emission in VV Cep.pdf

VVCep Outside eclipse.pdf   

Halpha Monitoring vs. V-Brightness

Photometry and Halpha Emission Flux

Brightness & Spectroscopic campaign of the BAV

Campaign to estimate the disk diameter 

Comprehensive forum of eclipsing campaign details

Forum for high-dissolved observation  

10. γ Cassiopeia

Campaign radial velocity HeI6678 (Data).txt

Campaign Monitoring Radial Velocity of HeI6678.pdf

HeI6678 line profile disturbances (November 2014).pdf

Halpha radial velocity observations.pdf

Monitoring Halpha emission versus Vmag.pdf

Relationship between X-ray emission and its circumstellar environment.pdf

Halpha and He6678 emission activities correlated.pdf

Korrelation von Halpha und He6678 Emissionsaktivitaet.pdf

V-Brightness and Halpha Spectroscopy.pdf

HeI 6678 VtoR and EW Campaign.pdf

Possible Hel 6678 Emission Activity (March 2007).pdf

HeI 6678 Emission Activity.pdf

Halpha emission behavior between 1976 and 2006.pdf

Halpha emission and Vmag correlations as probes of Be star disks.pdf 

The relationship between γ Cassiopeiae's X-ray emission and its circumstellar environment (Part I)

The relationship between γ Cassiopeiae's X-ray emission and its circumstellar environment (Part II)

The periodic behavior of the HeI6678 emission line in γ Cas

11. Observation of non-radial pulsations

Observations of non-radial pulsations of HeI4713 in zeta Tau.pdf

Observation report of non-radial pulsations of delta Sco.pdf

Non-radial Pulsations of gamma Cas.pdf

Nicht-radiale Pulsationen des Be-Sterns zeta Oph.pdf

Non-radial pulsations of zeta Oph.pdf 

Animated GIF´s of models of stars with non radial pulsations

Stellar  pulsation illustrated with glpulse3d (video)