Projects &  Publications


The following list describes projects and consultings activities as well as own investigations, partly  in cooperation with the professional astronomy since more than 25 years. Some texts are in German.

1. Different topics:

Objects for beginners
Support of students works
Spectroscopy Introduction
Solar spectroscopy (high res.)
Helium in Solar Chromosphere
BACHES first light at the CFG

 2. Different stars

Halpha profile of beta Lyrae
Spektren v.Wolf-Rayet-Sternen
Spektren planetarischer Nebel
Radialgeschw. von Polaris
αlpha Oph Periastron-Passage
Halpha Profile theta CrB
Hα Observations of HR2142

3. φ Persei

Halpha profile observations
Halpha short-term variations

4. π Aqrii

Disk Doppler Tomographie
V/R period analysis
Halpha EW Minimum
Evolution of the disk
Halpha EW and VtoR
Evolution of the disk since October 2004
Halpha and VtoR.pdf [672.3 KB]

 5. δ Scorpii

Halpha period analysis
Obs. Halpha & H6678 emission
Variability He6678 emission
Periodicity of He6678 emission
Report of periastron 2011
Periastron 2011 ASP Conf. Ser.
Periastron movie
Report del Sco in SuW 11/2012
Observ. non-radial pulsation
Vmag versus Halpha-EW (german)
Vmag versus Halpha-EW (engl.)
Monitoring 07/2000-05/2015
Spectr. growing disk A&A 408

6. 28 Tauri (Plejone)

 The Be binary star 28 Tauri

Hα-Spektroskopie    & V-Variationen an 28 Tauri (German)

Periastron monitoring of Pleione November 2019 to February 2020 

Halpha Long-term monitoring
Orbital periode chabge?
Campaign intermed. results
Periastron passages 2012-2015
Profile animation 2012-15
Precession of the disk

 7. zeta Tauri

Long-term monitoring the radial velocity of HeI6678

8. P Cygni

Monitoring Halpha & He6678
Int. Obs. Camp. Photom./Spec
Halpha EW Period Analysis
Monitor. He6678 (2015)
Monitor. He6678 (2017)
Camp. intermed. report (2012)
Camp. intermed. report (2013)
Camp. Intermed. report 2014

P Cygni-up-to-date

Long-term Monitoring of the Halpha Line Strength

Campaign Intermediate report 2016

 9. VV Cephei

VV Cep Outside Eclipse
Observation Halpha Emission
Eclipse Camp. 2017/19 SAS Proc
Detailed 2017/19 Camp. Data
SAS Symp. 2016 Camp. Details
Camp. Data (F. Walter)
The long-term binary VV Cep
Periodicity of Halpha emission
VV Cep up-to-date


Halpha Monitoring vs. V-Brightness

Photometry and Halpha Emission Flux

Brightness & Spectroscopic campaign of the BAV

Campaign to estimate the disk diameter 

Comprehensive forum of eclipsing campaign details

Forum for high-dissolved observation 

10. γ Cassiopeia

Halpha observations
Recent observations
Halpha short-term variations
Halpha V/R variability
Periodic phases of V/R
Cyclic variab. of the disk
Halpha variability
Monitoring radial verlocity
Long-term radial vel. He 6678
Halpha emission vs. Vmag
Halpha emission 1976-2006
He6678 emission activity
Possible activ. in He 6678 ?
V/R & EW campaign He6678
Vmag & Halpha Spectroscopy
Corr. Halpha/He6678 emiss. ger
Corr. Halpha/He6678 emiss. eng
X-ray & circ. stellar envir.
Monit. Halpha emiss. & Vmag
Obs. Halpha radial velocity
RV min. 2014 & He6678 profile
Campaign rad. vel. of He6678
Camp. rad. vel. He6678 (data)


The relationship between γ Cassiopeiae's X-ray emission and its circumstellar environment (Part I)

The relationship between γ Cassiopeiae's X-ray emission and its circumstellar environment (Part II)

The periodic behavior of the HeI6678 emission line in γ Cas

11. Observation of non-radial pulsations

Non-rad Puls. zeta Oph (engl.)
Non-rad. Puls. zeta Oph (germ)
Non-rad. Pulsation gamma Cas
Non-rad.Pulsation delta Sco
Non-rad. Pulsation zeta Tau


Animated GIF´s of models of stars with non radial pulsations

Stellar  pulsation illustrated with glpulse3d (video)