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Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy  

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Processes of change in the widest sense were always one of the most important features in observational astronomy. Not only is observational astronomy characterized by change processes, but all research fields of this branch of science have been characterized by a constantly changing form of knowledge transfer, which is a substantial part of the increase in overall astronomical knowledge.

This is valid equally for professional and amateur astronomy. The addition of a communicative future-oriented new BAV Web magazine to the BAV-circular and the BAV-journal would be a good idea for studying today’s constantly changing astronomical events.

Professional variable star research employs techniques and observation methods to study the physics and atmospheres of the stars in a holistic manner, considering all aspects and occurrences. Thus this means that the collected radiation must be understood as a complex storage medium of the physical processes on and in the observed star.

The German-English-language BAV MAGAZINE SPECTROSCOPY is a publication of the German Workgroup for Variable Stars e.V. (BAV) to promote and disseminate scientific knowledge of spectroscopy in the observation of variable stars.

The main focus of the magazine is pure spectroscopic observations and the link to photometric observations. The publications can include apparatus/technical considerations, evaluation methods for spectra, and the physics of the stars and their atmospheres, the latter especially for variable stars. The BAV MAGAZINE SPECTROSCOPY is published online on the BAV website:


Objektbezogenes Spektroskopie Seminar 2020

Ich freue mich, hier für 2020 das „Objektbezogenes Spektroskopie-Seminar" ankündigen zu können.
Veranstaltungsort: „Sternwarte Karl-Fuhlrott-Gymnasium“ (Wuppertal, Deutschland)

Kursleiter: Ernst Pollmann
Termin: Freitag 1. – Sonntag 3. Mai 2020

Link zur Veranstaltung:

Seminar 2020

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Ernst Pollmann: ernst-pollmann(et)