VV Cep up-to-date

The current state of the ARAS campaign observation results seems to explain the periodic time behavior of the equivalent width EW and the flux of the Hα emission components V&R.

Based on these results, a new geometric structure of the emission sources has been developed in collaboration with Phil Bennett. 



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P Cygni up-to-date

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New Publications

1) The Long-term Binary System VV Cep

2) Monitoring the radial velocity of He 6678 of gamma Cas

3) Radial velocity of the HeI 6678 Line of zeta Tau

4) A Time Series of BV Photometry and Halpha Emission Fluxes of the Eclipsing Binary VV Cep

5) Correlation of Halpha Emission Flux with B & V Magnitudes for VV Cep

6) Mass & precession of the disk in zeta Tau

7) Evolution of the disk of pi Aqr: From near disappearance to a strong maximum