Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy 


Resent Studies

Monitoring the ejection behavior of Rho Cas: Hα line flux and radial velocity

Period Analysis of the Hα Flux at P Cygni (December 2023)

Correlation Hα versus HeI6678 in gamma Cas (1995 - 2021) 

Correlation Hα versus HeI6678 in gamma Cas (December 2023)

Hα versus V/R in pi Aqr

Periastron Passages of Pleione

Pleione on the way to leave the Be-shell-phase to be a pure Be star Jan./Feb. 2024

Hα central depression (CD) of zeta Tau versus disk density enhencement

Disk nodding versus V/R-phase and central depression in zeta Tau

Monitoring the 2017–2019 Eclipse of VV Cephei

The current state of the observation results seems to explain the periodic time behavior of the equivalent width EW and the flux of the Hα emission.

Based on these new results, a new geometric structure of the emission sources has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Ph. Bennett (Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada).  

  Animation: Precession of the B star disk axis