The Observatory of the VdS Köln, my location of amateur research

 The observatory of the "Vereinigung der Sternfreunde Köln" Odenthal/Scheuren (near Cologne) Odenthal/Scheuren, 51° north, 7°10' east. A half timbered house in the traditional style. The front part houses is the instrument platform; the roof can be pushed back to the rear. In the rear part of the house is the heated lounge with computer station. The sky is excellent and in winter one can work the whole night without freezing. The south west horizon permits observations until -25° Declination.

The Observatory for Spectroscopy of the VdS-Köln (Germany)

C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain Teleskop

C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescop with the Spectrograph LHIRES III

Computer station to controll the guiding system and CCD-camera

                                                                   Grating: 2400 L/mm

                                                                   Dispersion: 0.11 Angstr./pix

                                                                   Spectral resolution R ~ 17000

                                                                   CCD camera Nova 402ME

                                                                   Guiding webcam Phillips