Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy 


International Working Group managed by Ernst Pollmann in cooperation with:

VEGA 2024  May 30-June1, 2024

International Spectroscopy Symposium for Professional Amateur Astronomers 

 Participants of the year 2019

 Participants of the year 2022

This international event was launched in 2019  the aim of exchanging knowledge between professional researchers and amateurs in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.There will again be many exciting lectures from professionals and professional amateurs in May 2024. 

Topics on current research are presented, about massive stars and their properties, about the m ass loss of Be stars, Polaris, our sun, spectroscopy of gas nebulae, tutorials for evaluating measurement results, research collaborations with amateur astronomers and much more. The topics are mostly linked to spectroscopy and photometry. 

The event takes place in a special location, in a modern observatory near the beautiful city of Salzburg in Austria. The target group of the event are people who are generally interested in astronomy and astrophysics, active amateur astronomers and professional researchers.