IBVS Publications

No. 5173  Observations of the Halpha emission in VV Cephei

No. 5374  Long-term behavior of Halpha emission in 28 Tau

No. 5398  VV Cep outside eclipse

No. 5778  Halpha observations of the binary HR2142

No. 5813  Halpha obervations of zeta Tau

No. 6023  Period analysis of the Halpha profile of the binary pi Aqr

No. 6034  Non-radial pulsations of zeta Oph

No. 6099  Monitoring the radial velocity of ζ Tauri  

No. 6103  Periodic behavoir of the HeI6678 emission in gamma Cas  

No. 6109  Monitoring Halpha strength & V magnitude of gamma Cas  

No. 6156  The long-term binary system VV Cep

No. 6169  Monitoring the radial velocity of HeI6678 in gamma Cas  

No. 6172  Long-term radial velocity of HeI6678 of zeta Tau

No. 6179  Variability of the HeI6678 emission in delta Sco  

No. 6198  Photometry and Halpha Emission fluxes of VV Cep

No. 6199  The periastron passages of 28 Tau 2012-2015

No. 6208  Mass & Precession of the disk in zeta Tau

No. 6239  Precession of the Disk in Pleione